About Marcback

...got its start with a brand new scope under the Christmas Tree. I didn't know a solar flare from a super-nova then, but I'm learning quickly. Some stuff you'll soon find on Marc's Observatory:

  • Cool facts about the stars and planets,
    and help finding them in the night sky!
    Amaze your friends and family!
  • Astronomy answers from mad scientists!
  • Video!
  • Neat technology and stuff to make astronomy even more fun.
  • Games and activities about space and our view from Earth!
A letter to parents... Click here

is a (very) amateur astronomer. He's pretty sure the moon is not made of cheese, and the rest... he'll leave up to the experts.

When he's not zipping around the universe on his flying telescope, Marc is a childrens' illustrator and writer, working from his home studio under the dark skies of his farm in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada.

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