Cosmos Correspondent: RYAN Age 6: Pacifica, California, USA

Q: What is your first impression of the book?
A: How they kind of like make these sky maps curved [like] a sphere.

Q: What do you like about the book?
A: I like that it has Orion. Because there's a dark nebula within a cloud of light, and, look it's like a horse head! (Click here to see the Horsehead Nebula!)

Q: Was this book helpful?
A: I think it's helpful. It shows you parts of the skies and constellations. It even has Sygnus, Scorpio and Orion. It has details about stuff in each constellation. It is missing Gemini, one of my other favorites. It has constellations and maps for a place called Southern Hemisphere, is that still on Earth? (Learn about the Hemispheres...)

Q: Anything else you like about the book?
A: The constellation pages show you how you could see other objects in [the constellation] with your eyes or binoculars or eyes aannndd binoculars. I like that it tells you that you could see something with your eyes or binoculars.

Q: What interests you about the book that makes you read it again?
A: I like that the book has big pictures of the constellations. Um, I like that the front cover has a comet. It doesn't really show many comets in it [the book]. The table of contents has pictures too.

Q: Anything else?
A: I like that it talks about nebulae, the Orion Nebula is my favorite, and has cool pictures.

Q: When will you use this book?
A: I'll use this book whenever I go outside to look at the sky, except last night because I forgot.

Q: What did you learn from this book?
A: I learned that you could see things in the sky. I learned that it shows me the stars in different places and different months. It makes me want to learn about other constellations.

Thanks to Ryan and his Dad, Jim!



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