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Visit SKYMAPS.com to download this month's FREE star chart! A FREE star chart is your map to the night-time sky!  It will help you find a constellation, or a planet, or even a galaxy! The edge of a star chart is the horizon in front of you.  The Zenith is the point in the sky directly over your head.  Around the edge, you'll find each direction, North, south, east and west. Because the Earth travels around the Sun all year, the stars and planets appear to move as well.  That's why you need a different, FREE star chart for each month of the year. Using your compass:  1) hold your compass level so the needle can turn freely.  The needle always points North.  Turn your compass until the needle is pointing at the N.  The letter pointing forward is the direction you are facing.  (the compass here is pointing South!) Now that you know which direction you're facing, turn the star chart until that direction is on the Bottom.  Now, hold the star chart over your head, so the direction you are facing is pointing forward.  The star chart is now aligned with the sky over your head! That's it!  Take a look at your star chart before you go outside, and pick a few targets.  Pick a bright star from the sky, and see if you can figure out what it is!  Have fun!